Warbringer Announce New Album, Stream New-Old Single

Today is a most-excellent day for appreciators of neo-thrash: first Havok released a new song, “Phantom Force,” from their forthcoming album V… and now Warbringer have announced a new album of their own, Weapons of Tomorrow — their first new offering in three years.

The bittersweet part of the announcement is that the first single from Weapons of Tomorrow is only kinda-sorta new: it’s a “final” version of the song “Firepower Kills,” which they first released back in September. The press release calls it a “remastered” version, while the YouTube video is labeled “Final album mix” — so I’m honestly not sure if it’s remixed, remastered, or remixed and remastered. In any case, it definitely sounds cleaner than the original version, which, contrary to what one might assume, gives it real teeth (and the song was a ripper to begin with). Still, I’m sure fans would have preferred to hear an actually new song — shit, I know I would have! Also: at least one other track of Weapons of Tomorrow, “Power Unsurpassed,” is also technically not new, having initially debuted in 2018.

Still, Weapons of Tomorrow is scheduled for release on April 24 via Napalm… so we’ll get to hear Warbringer material we’ve never heard before soon enough! You can check out the new version of “Firepower Kills” below, and pre-order Weapons of Tomorrow here.

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Author: Slyzza