Underground Buzz: There’s Always Room For More Death – AKIAVEL, AVOID HUMANITY, SKULL CRUSHER

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AkiaveL – Melodic Death Metal – South of France

Fans of classic Arch Enemy, prepare to have your ears demolished by AkiaveL! Formed in 2018, their EP was released in December 2018, and the Akiavel style was born. A genuinely brutal and melodic death metal. Each member has a very different musical background, which definitely plays to the band’s strength in bringing a new energy and power to the genre.

Their first full album “V” was released on February 21st and that means live performances are coming throughout the world! We can’t wait to see how powerful, strong and violent Akiavel sounds live!

Check out their video for “My Lazy Doll” here:

[embedded content]

Avoid Humanity – Death Metal – Bucharest, Romania

I feel like the name of this band is probably good advice these days. Influenced mostly by the hate, poverty, spite, corruption, and indifference of society, Avoid Humanity is made up of 5 introverts who want to scream/sing about everything that’s wrong. Oh, but they’re not trying to change it, they’re only trying to rub it in your face…which they do with a blood covered flourish!

Enjoy the dystopian sounds of “Worldeaters” here:

[embedded content]

Skull Crusher – Technical Death Metal – Niklasdorf, Styria, Austria

While Skull Crusher was originally founded in 1990 and has opened for bands such as Napalm Death, Massacre and Tiamat, after a split in 2000 it took them almost 20 years to reunite a bring back their unique combination of Heavy/Speed Metal with harsh guttural vocals and fast technical rhythms.

Their resurgence is marked by their new EP Messiah, out March 20th. If you’re feeling like giving yourself some whiplash today, check out the title track here:

[embedded content]

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