Top 10 Metal Songs to Celebrate Chuck Norris’ 80th Birthday

Today Chuck Norris, the second-greatest American in history (after Corey Taylor, natch), turns 80! Happy birthday, Chuck! We hope you live another 80 years. In fact, we’re sure that if anyone can survive ’til the age of 160, it’s you!!!

Need a metal soundtrack to celebrate this momentous occasion? We have some suggestions…

Avenged Sevenfold – “M.I.A.”

As in Missing in Action.

[embedded content]

Chimaira – “Army of Me”

As in A Force of One.

[embedded content]

Converge – “Hellbound”

As in Hellbound.

[embedded content]

Judas Priest – “Lone Wolf”

As in Lone Wolf McQuade.

[embedded content]

Mötley Crüe – “Kickstart My Heart”

As in SideKICKS.

[embedded content]

Pantera – “Walk”

As in WALKer, Texas Ranger. Bonus: Pantera were FROM Texas!

[embedded content]

Slapshot – “Firewalker”

As in Firewalker.

[embedded content]

Soulfly – “Eye for an Eye”

As in An Eye for an Eye.

[embedded content]

Stormland – “Hero Terror Tactics”

As in Hero and the Terror.

[embedded content]

Chuck Norris – 2004 EP

As in Chuck FUCKING Norris.

[embedded content]

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