The Number Twelve Looks Like You to Release Instrumental Version of Wild Gods

Regardless of whether or not you agree that metal vocalists have become irrelevant, there’s no denying that listening to instrumental versions of great albums and songs can be fascinating. You will pick up on things you didn’t pick up on when vocals were involved; it’s inevitable. And it’s especially true when dealing with music as technically proficient as that of The Number Twelve Looks Like You.

So it’s exciting to learn that that very band will release an instrumental version of their terrific 2019 album, Wild Gods. Dubbed (what else?) Wild Gods Instrumental, this new version of the album will be released digitally on March 20th via Overlord Music.

Says guitarist guitarist Alex Pareja of the release:

“Our music is full of intricacies and fans often want to dive deeper. Having gotten a fair amount of requests, we are releasing an instrumental version of ‘Wild Gods.’ Whether it’s because they seek to learn to play the songs themselves or they simply want to hear a version without the vocals, now they’ll have the opportunity. It is our hope the album continues to inspire creativity and bring forth fresh interpretations.”

Watch this space for pre-order information…

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Author: Slyzza