Suicide Silence’s Mark Heylmun: “If Trump Wins Again, I Very Well Could Just Leave America”

Given Suicide Silence’s penchant for making heavy, ugly music, you might assume that guitarist Mark Heylmun is a fan of heavy, ugly President Donald Trump. But this assumption would be incorrect!

In a new interview the Scars and Guitars podcast, Heylmun says that “If Trump wins again, I very well could just leave America.”

“I was traveling when [President George W.] Bush was president, and I thought that was bad,” Heylmun continues. “Now, it’s like, I straight-up just tell people I’m Canadian.”

When asked which current presidential candidate he prefers, the guitarist says what so, so many of us have been saying for the past few years: that “anybody is better than Trump.” Specifically, though, Heylmun comes out as a Bernie Sanders supporter:

“I’m all for Bernie. I think if Bernie can take this one, that’s gonna change the viewpoint of how people are looking at the United States.”

I don’t think anyone should really worry about Heylmun expatriating should Trump win re-election (I also think Trump will refuse to vacate office regardless of the election results, but that’s another discussion for another time). Although I certainly understand the sentiment. But fascism is on the rise globally, so I dunno where the heck anyone thinks they’d go to escape Trumpy thinking. Besides, all the good people flying the coup isn’t really the answer to fixing America’s problems anyway.

Regardless of whether or not Heylmun’s threat is genuine, Suicide Silence probably won’t be touring with Godsmack anytime soon. Bummer. On the flip side, though, Suicide Silence will be touring with Jinjer and Toothgrinder starting in April, and those are both much better bands than Godsmack. Thank goodness for small victories!

You can get dates for that trek below. The band’s new album, Become the Hunter, is out now — read our review here. You can listen to the entire Scars and Guitars interview at the bottom of this post.

4/23 – San Francisco, CA @ The Filmore [tickets]
4/24 – Los Angeles, CA @ Belasco Theater [tickets]
4/25 – Las Vegas, NV @ House Of Blues [tickets]
4/26 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Pressroom [tickets]
4/28 – Houston, TX @ House Of Blues [tickets]
4/29 – Dallas, TX @ House Of Blues [tickets]
4/30 – Memphis, TN @ Minglewood Hall [tickets]
5/2 – Charlotte, NC @ Epicenter **Festival [tickets]
5/3 – Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa [tickets]
5/5 – Brooklyn, NY @ Warsaw [tickets]
5/6 – Boston, MA @ House Of Blues [tickets]
5/7 – Silver Spring, MD @ The Filmore Silver Spring [tickets]
5/10 – Pensacola, FL @ Vinyl [tickets]
5/12 – Atlanta, GA @ Buckhead Theater [tickets]
5/13 – Nashville, TN @ TBA [tickets]
5/15 – Columbus, OH @ Sonic Temple **Festival [tickets]
5/16 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave II [tickets]
5/17 – Chicago, IL @ House Of Blues [tickets]
5/19 – Minneapolis, MN @ The Filmore Minneapolis [tickets]
5/20 – Lawrence, KS @ Granada Theater [tickets]
5/22 – Lincoln, NE @ Bourbon Theater [tickets]
5/23 – Denver, CO @ Summit [tickets]

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