SEPULTURA’s ELOY CASAGRANDE: ‚Raging Void‘ Drum Playthrough (Video)

Paiste has uploaded video footage of SEPULTURA drummer Eloy Casagrande’s drum playthrough to the band’s song „Raging Void“. Check it out below. Last month, SEPULTURA singer Derrick Green told Australia’s Everblack Media that Casagrande has had „a tremendous impact“ on the group since he joined in 2011. „It’s undeniable because he’s such a strong force,“ he said. „He loves playing metal music. He’s one of the most talented drummers I’ve ever seen, honestly. That power is consistent from beginning to the end. It really has rubbed off on all of us to really push ourselves further. He’s such a perfect match for the band. He really is always influencing us in so many ways to really go beyond — above and beyond.“ A year ago, Eloy told Drumtalk that he didn’t care about the long-simmering feud between founding SEPULTURA members Max and Igor Cavalera and his current bandmates. „I respect all the history,“ he said. „I have total respect for the past drummers, Igor and Jean [Dolabella]. They are amazing guys, incredible guys, but we just live in the present. I really don’t care what happened, what didn’t happen. I respect all the music. I respect their music nowadays. It’s just that we have to follow our path and that’s it.“ Casagrande joined SEPULTURA in 2011 as the replacement for Dolabella. SEPULTURA’s latest album, „Quadra“, was released on February 7 via Nuclear Blast. The LP was created at Sweden’s Fascination Street Studios with renowned producer Jens Bogren. It will be followed by a world tour starting in March. SEPULTURA comprises Green, guitarist Andreas Kisser, bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. and Casagrande.

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