SALLOW MOTH, BODY COUNT Among The Top Tracks of the Week

Gimme Radio Program Director, Brian Turner, delivers the top 5 jaw-dropping tracks on Gimme Radio.

SALLOW MOTH – Noxious Revival

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Hooky prog-leaning one man death metal out of Texas, Gary Brents has taken a firm context of history and created a pretty impressive project. Divebomb guitars swirl in and out of flurrying attacks, layers of ideas painted with a finely aimed brush.


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In terms of musical progression from the 90’s, no giant leaps here for Ice T and crew, but this stuff definitely hits as hard and has the message that of course is in full blowtorch mode now more than ever. No need to finetune the assault when the reasons to fight are not budging on their own. Good on Ice T for successfully still using cross-the-board-political attack and genre-blur to his own effect, and hopefully this record will turn as many heads as 30 years ago.

HYBORIAN – Planet Destructor

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Followup to their Volume 1 debut in 2017, this Kansas City unit dig into their Testament bibles of fantasy and take flight with some hefty song structures, soaring dual vocals that boom with glory and grunt, and a telepathic ability among themselves to create seamless passages of rhythmic flow and brutal bombdropping throughout their flux.

LUCIFER – Ghosts

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Good to see Lucifer gain more notoriety as they’re seemingly avoiding the pitfalls that can muck up a band that is steeped in past-decades evocation of styles and sounds. Lucifer manage to sidestep the teeming valleys of psychedelic/doom/Orange amp hoarders, and it could be in part due to the Nicke Andersson (now married to vocalist Joanna Sadonis). Since his arrival on the last LP it seems his long experience with a variety of other projects as added a lot of color to Lucifer’s plate as Nicke is heavy in varied instrumental composition. Should be interested to see where they go next.


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Just getting around to this one from late last year: FM are brutal grind split between Kyoto and Minneapolis, with members of Gridlink, Deterioration and Invidiosus. Total hyper-insane, anxiety-inducing shards spraying everywhere.

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