Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Share Thoughts on Trump, Greta Thunberg, Boris Johnson, Veganism and More

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appeared on Good Morning Britain on Friday, March 3, and as tends to be the case on TV talk shows, the conversation turned to a number of timely topics, with the couple expressing their views on a number of political issues and more. Here are some highlights, transcribed by Ultimate Guitar.

On Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who recently left Britain to break away from the royal family, Sharon took a more traditional stance while Ozzy favored a more liberal approach:

Sharon: “I am sad for Harry. I am very, very sad for Harry because for me, I don’t think that as a couple they gave it a really good shot because 18 months of marriage and trying to find your place within the Windsor family and within the public’s eye, 18 months isn’t enough.”

Ozzy: “The thing is: if Harry and the lady are in love and they like what they’re doing, and they’re happy, fine, but they don’t have to stay anywhere.”

Sharon: “He’s left his country and I feel very sad, I really do.”

Ozzy: “What do you do there? He’s not gonna be king, he’s just gonna be Prince Harry.”

Sharon: “Yeah, but he did a lot of good, he did a lot of those charities.”

Interestingly, while Sharon expressed her distaste for Britain’s Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (for our U.S. readers, the Labor Party is more or less analogous to our Democrats), she is also not a fan of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, a Conservative, or President Trump. As for Ozzy, he maintains the lovable clueless aura we’ve come to expect:

Jeremy Corbyn, he wanted to be family…

Sharon: “I loathe Jeremy Corbyn. I think that Jeremy is the devil, and I think his party… I loathe him.”

What do you make of Boris Johnson?

Sharon: “He’s an eccentric. I don’t like what he’s trying to do with the press, doing the Trump thing, ‘You can come in, you can’t, you can.’ If he starts that, oh, it’s over.”

This country, America, can it take four more years of Trump?

Ozzy: “When he wins – I’m sure he’s gonna win now, I don’t think there’s anybody else to get there.”

Sharon: “All I know is that he’s taken politics down to a level that I don’t think it should be at. I think that you should be able to debate on the subject, not take personal shots. He shoots from the hip, and the thing is he has done some good things, but as far as a representative, I would rather have Obama.”

Ozzy: “He gets things, he gets everybody moving, whether you agree with him or not. I don’t understand politicians, they all should form one big huge rock band and see how they play.”

Sharon: “Oh, he’d try anything, Trump, if there is an audience.”

Ozzy’s trademark aloofness was much less laudable when it comes to Greta Thunberg, the 17-year old climate activist, who he suggests isn’t old enough to have fully-formed opinions on the subject, while Sharon is all about her:

Sharon: “She’s amazing.”

Ozzy: “She’s cool, but why do we have to go, ‘Oh, we’re listening now,’ when all the adults for ages have been going…”

Sharon: “I think because what she states is: ‘You’re all gonna die, but it’s affecting my generation,’ and I think the world needed that from somebody of her age because you know that she must have a huge army of people behind her.”

Ozzy: “She didn’t sound like it comes from her. It’s too well put together for a young kid.”

You can read a few more quotes from Ozzy and Sharon over at Ultimate Guitar or watch the full segment below.

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