Nü-Metal Revival 2020 To Feature SALIVA, POWERMAN 5000, ADEMA & FLAW

If you’ve been waiting for a bunch of nü-metal acts to team up for a show (or tour) and call it a revival, this one is for you! Saliva, Powerman 5000, Adema, Flaw, and Andrew W. Boss will play at the very least Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ on July 17.

The thing that’s a little confusing about this one is that it’s being billed as the nü-metal. I mean, bands like Korn haven’t ever really left and a lot of the younger generation are making some pretty sick nü-metal-inspired stuff.

But hey – if this is your thing, then here’s hoping this becomes a tour.

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Author: Slyzza