NOMADIC Shreds On New Song „I’ve Known You For So Long But Know Nothing About You“

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Nomadic (stylized NOM∀DIC) will release their new record Euphoria on April 17. While their new song „I’ve Known You For So Long but Know Nothing About You“ has a pretty long title, the song itself gets to the point and stays there with memorable melodies and some serious musicianship.

“‘I’ve Known You…’ is one of my personal favorites from ‘Euphoria’. It is our bassist, Riley’s, first full song contribution to the album, and ended up leading the sonic direction for the rest of the album. The inspiration for the song came from a conversation with an old best friend of mine – he opened up to me with some very personal issues that made me view him in a new light, and I realized that I didn’t really know anything about one of my closest friends – and this inspired a lot of introspection. So, I texted him “I’ve known you for so long but know nothing about you”, alas inspiring the song title.”

Pre-order Euphoria here.

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