MetalSucks’ Least-Sucky Songs of the Week

It’s Saturday! TIME TO FUCKIN’ PARTY!!! Need some siqq, slappin’ jams for your weekend celebration? Crank these five songs, which were definitely the least-sucky ones we’ve heard since Monday.

Blood Command – “Saturday City”

It’s right there in the title, guys!

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Ozzy Osbourne featuring Post Malone – “It’s a Raid”

In his MetalSucks review of Ozzy’s new album, Ordinary Man, Jeff Treppel calls this track “one of the album highlights,” praising the “riotous” track for its “hard-hitting drums, police sirens, and Ozzy’s sped-up vocals.”

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Body Count – “Bum-Rush”

Frontman Ice-T calls “Bum-Rush” “Another fast moving Body Count track continuing my attempt to wake people up.” We literally cannot describe this rager any better than that.

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Winterfylleth – “The Reckoning Dawn”

This shit is so good, they shoulda called it “Winterfyllatio.”

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Cirith Ungol – “Legions Arise”

Cirith Ungol’s new album, Forever Black, is their first in 29 years. Thankfully, this song completely ignores every development in metal since then, thus providing a totally-slappin’ old school blast.

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Author: Slyzza