METALLICA Guitarist KIRK HAMMETT Talks About His ‚It’s Alive!‘ Horror And Sci-Fi Art Exhibit (Video)

„It’s Alive! Classic Horror And Sci-Fi Art From The Kirk Hammett Collection“ will be on display at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, South Carolina through May 17. Kirk Hammett, best known as the lead guitarist of METALLICA, is also an avid collector of classic horror and sci-fi movie posters. „It’s Alive!“ features more than 100 pieces including posters, toys, guitars, masks, and sculptures, many hailing back to the days of Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi. Not only do these objects explore the power of graphic art in its own right, they have inspired Hamett’s work throughout his own artistic career. „I’ve always been into this type of stuff, ever since I was 5 years old,“ Hammett told ABC Columbia. „As I got older, and I started getting a steady source of income from that, I started collecting this stuff intently.“ „I want people to just be able to experience these films, ‚cause they’re really important — at least they are to me — and to see the beauty of these movie posters.“ Hammett released a coffee table book in 2012 called „Too Much Horror Business“ that featured photos of his extensive collection of monster and horror memorabilia. He displayed a portion of his collection in the „Kirk’s Crypt“ exhibition during the 2012 and 2013 Orion Music + More festivals. The METALLICA guitarist is also known as the Fear FestEvil horror convention organizer. Hammett previously stated about the parallels between horror movies and heavy metal: „Heavy metal and horror movies come from the same sources, they come from the same seeds, they have a lot of the same imagery and subject matter and whatnot. And for myself, part of the appeal of horror movies is coming in contact with my own mortality but not having to pay the price. Or, like, reliving a death or something without having to go through the actual experience. Bringing yourself to a point where you’re maybe in a state of fear, but for your own pleasure.“ He continued: „Watching a good horror movie makes my adrenaline go. And for me, it’s great, it’s the ultimate. I mean, some people like action films. Me, [I like] horror movies.“

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