King Diamond Grieves Death of Four-Year-Old Fan

Friday, February 21 started off gloomy — and not in the typical spooky King Diamond way — when the legendary Danish heavy metal pioneer announced that one of his youngest fans tragically passed away.

Larissa, who was only four years old, had gone to King Diamond’s concert in Anaheim, CA last December. King Diamond noticed her in the crowd and immediately asked to meet her, sending his people out into the crowd to make it happen. He shares the heartfelt story in a Facebook post:

“She was as true of a fan as you could ever have. I saw her the first time at our Anaheim show this past December, sitting on the shoulders of her father, four rows into the audience, singing along with every single word, all through the show. 

“Giving horns and waving, she actually blew my mind and as soon as we got off stage, I asked one of our people to try and get a hold of her and her parents so we could meet them backstage.

“We had a nice long talk, they were amazing people, and we took some photos and hung out for a while, and little Larissa was just shining like a jewel.

“Unfortunately that was the only time I got to meet her face to face, but I do look forward to hear more about her in the future, from her parents.

“Larissa, I wish you a safe journey to wherever it is you go, and I hope someday to meet you again. You were so very special and left so way too early.

“Stay Heavy, little one, you are very very loved.

“King Diamond”

Seeing young kids in metal is always a blessing. Larissa’s passing is not only a tragedy for those who knew her, but for the rock community as a whole. We send our best to Larissa’s family, and you can donate to their GoFundMe here.

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Author: Slyzza