JOSEY SCOTT Will Not Sing For SALIVA On ‚Nu-Metal Revival 2020‘ Tour

SALIVA’s original frontman Josey Scott says that he will not be singing for the band when it hits the road this summer as part of the „Nu-Metal Revival 2020“ tour. Scott addressed his status with SALIVA several days after it was revealed that the group will team up with POWERMAN 5000, ADEMA and FLAW for a run of shows later this year. The vocalist, who announced last fall that he will reunite with SALIVA for a possible tour, gave an interview to Meltdown of Detroit’s WRIF radio station on Thursday (February 27) in which he discussed his absence from the rock scene and decision to return to the band. „I just wanted to clarify a few things to the fans and let the fans of SALIVA know that I don’t want to mislead them in any way,“ Josey said. „And I wanted to respond to the reaction from the fans about the tour that SALIVA is about to do, the ‚Nu-Metal‘ tour announcement that came in, to let the fans of SALIVA know that, unfortunately, I will not be on that tour. But soon. It’s gonna be a minute until we can iron out some details. It sucks, but it’s little things that have to be done. „It’s all about the fans,“ he continued. „And I just wanted to be completely authentic with the fans and let ‚em know that I won’t be on this tour — for the rest of the year I won’t be out with SALIVA — but soon and very soon I’ll be coming back. „I just wanted to be clear with the fans, because I believe that they deserve to know the truth, of course,“ he reiterated. „And I’ve heard some things online about people wondering if that’s me coming back, and I just wanna be clear that I’m not out on the road with SALIVA at this time.“ Scott left SALIVA at the end of 2011 after 15 years with the group, reportedly to pursue a solo Christian music career. He was quickly replaced by Bobby Amaru, who can be heard on SALIVA’s last four releases: „In It To Win It“ (2013), „Rise Up“ (2014), „Love, Lies & Therapy“ (2016) and „10 Lives“ (2018). According to Josey, he is planning to „write some new music“ in the coming months. „And I’m looking forward to writing and creating with [former SALIVA guitarist] Chris D’Abaldo and [SALIVA guitarist] Wayne Swinny. They’re kind of the original nucleus of what SALIVA had to offer, I believe. „I’m hoping to get some new music ready around the anniversary of [SALIVA’s second album] ‚Every Six Seconds‘, which will be in 2021,“ he revealed. „It’ll be 20 years… But, like I said, I’ll be, hopefully, fingers crossed, getting back together with Wayne Swinny. And me and Chris are like dark and light — we’re a package deal. [Laughs] So, anytime that Wayne is ready, me and Chris are ready to go. And we have Tosha Jones, who’s gonna play drums. And we have the ex-bass player for BREAKING BENJAMIN, Mark Klepaski, who’s gonna go in the studio with us and hopefully go on the road and be able to connect with the fans again.“ Asked if he has any new material already written, Josey said: „I have a million ideas. But I’m gonna single it down to two or three. I’m thinking about just releasing a single — just a solo single — to radio. And hopefully I’ll have that ready at least by the end of the year; I’ll have a new song ready to come out on radio.“ SALIVA released six albums with Scott and tasted platinum success and a Grammy nomination for its first big hit, „Your Disease“.

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Author: Slyzza