Here Is A Previously Unseen Photo Of LARS ULRICH As A Young Child

Lars Ulrich has shared a previously unseen photo of him as a young child. The METALLICA drummer took to his Instagram on Friday (March 6) and posted the picture, captioning it: „My buddy Jake sent this pic over of him and I from a few ago.. Who’s who? Hint: not the one in the middle #wanna #fbf“ Ulrich, a native of Denmark, played tennis professionally as a teenager and could have gone on to a career as a tennis star, but chose music instead. METALLICA was formed when Ulrich, who had moved to Los Angeles, placed an ad in a local paper called the Recycler looking for other musicians to play with. The ad was answered by guitarists James Hetfield and Hugh Tanner of the band LEATHER CHARM. METALLICA officially formed in October 1981 and the band’s first recording was „Hit The Lights“ for the compilation „Metal Massacre“. Bay Area DJ Ron Quintana came up with the group’s name: he was debating between using „Metallica“ and „Metal Mania“ for the name of his radio show and Ulrich encouraged him to use „Metal Mania“ so that he could use „Metallica“ for his new band. METALLICA’s first full lineup — featuring Hetfield, Ulrich, guitarist Dave Mustaine and bassist Ron McGovney — played its first gig on March 14, 1982 at Radio City in Anaheim, California.

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Author: Slyzza