[FRESH METAL]#108 My Dying Bride, Nightwish, Ulcerate, Vredehammer, Satan

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What you may know by now: my metallic detections here are mostly based on what I collect for the playlist I keep on Spotify. If I can find Bandcamp/YouTube/Soundcloud links, I'll put them in the text below. You can support via Patreon. Here goes Fresh Metal #108.

New albums

There are new albums, ep's and demo's out from: My Dying Bride (gothic/doom from the UK), Earth Rot (death/black from Australia), Azure Emote (avantgarde death from the USA), Ahna (drone/doom/death from Canada), Vredehammer (black/death from Norway), Beast of Revelation (death/doom from the Netherlands/USA – featuring members of Asphyx and Incantation vocalist John McEntee), Tulus (black from Norway), a split from Ascended Dead & Evil Priest (death from the USA and Peru), Body Count (hardcore/crossover from the USA), Smoulder (epic/heavy doom from Canada), Dystopian Future Movies (post from the UK), Burning Witches (heavy/power from Switzerland), Wombbath (death from Sweden), Novena (prog from the UK), Dwaal (sludge/post from Norway), Crematory (industrial/gothic.. I don't know guys, this is a mess, from Germany), Disembowel (death from the USA), Banisher (tech/experimental death from Poland), Lurker of Chalice (black/ambient from the USA – it's a compilation of older, unreleased work), Psychonaut (psych/post from Belgium), Pure Wrath (atmoblack from Indonesia), Dolorangst (atmoblack from Russia), Tribe of Pazuzu (blackened death from Canada/USA/France – the second John McEntee fronted project here), SouphL (avantgarde death from Canada), Ross the Boss (heavy/power from Germany), Order of the Emperor (heavy/hardrock from the Netherlands), To Conceal the Horns (death/black from Finland), Viscera (deathcore from the UK), Trauma (death from Poland), Frostnatt (instrumental black from Russia), Medium (death/black/grind from Argentina), Svengahli (prog death from the USA), Mortuous (death from the USA – a demo compilation), Scarab (death from Egypt), Rosy Finch (sludge/doom/alternative from Spain), Borgne (industrial black from Switzerland), An Evening With Knives (doom/rock from the Netherlands), Ehnahre (experimental death/doom from the USA) and Almanac (power from Germany). You can listen to new Hemotoxin (prog death/thrash from the USA) and In The Fire (black/death/thrash from the USA) in full early.

Two albums I missed last week but are worth your time: Grieving Birth (grindcore from Australia) and Exhumation (death from Indonesia – that's the second Indonesian band here, I think that's really cool).

New songs

There are new songs, singles and advance tracks out from: Nightwish (symphonic/power from Finland), Ulcerate (techdeath from New Zealand), Testament (thrash from the USA), Greg Puciato (mathcore from the USA), Acherontas (black from Greece), Satan (NWOBHM/Heavy from the UK – Decibel flexi song), Sojourner (epic/atmoblack from New Zealand/Sweden), Häxanu (black from the USA, featuring Alex Poole of Chaos Moon, Krieg etc.), Dool (doom/rock from the Netherlands), Solothus (death/doom from Finland), Naglfar (melodic black from Sweden), Errant (blackened shoegaze? -new solo project from Immortal Bird and Thrawsunblat's Rae Amitay), Grift (black from Sweden), Myrkur (black/folk from Denmark), Green Carnation (gothic/prog from Norway), Spell (heavy/hardrock from Canada), Barishi (prog/death from the USA), Plague Years (thrash/death from the USA), Warlust (black/thrash from Germany), …And Oceans (symphonic black from Finland), Caustic Wound (grind from the USA), Dirt Woman (stoner/doom from the USA), Black Vice (black from the USA), WuW (prog/post from France), Wvrm (death/grind from the USA), Crypt Dagger (speed/black/thrash from Germany), Wolf (heavy from Sweden), Calligram (black/hardcore from the UK), Monotheist (prog death from the USA), Endless Forms Most Gruesome (sludge/doom from Finland), Horn (pagan black from Germany), and Alcest (post/shoegaze – a Perturbator version, it's a bonus track from the Japanese version of their last record).

It's preview and trailer season, apparently. There's a trailer for the new Auroch (blackened death from Canada), a sampler for a split from Vuur en Zijde & Impavida (black from the Netherlands and from the USA), a trailer for Old Tower (dungeon synth from the Netherlands), there's one for Secrets of the Moon (black from Germany) and something I'm looking forward to in an unhealthy manner, there's a trailer for the new Old Man Gloom record (sludge/experimental/online fart jokes from the USA).


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