Every Time I Die Guitarist Guitarist Andy Williams Talks Balancing Band Life and Pro Wrestling Career

Every Time I Die are one of the craziest, most unhinged metal bands out there, but at times they can be heartwarmingly wholesome.

In last week’s episode of The MetalSucks Podcast, we got a glimpse into this innocent side of guitarist Andy Williams when he spoke about the importance of the band in his life and the difficulties in balancing that with his latest endeavor, professional wrestling. His debut as “The Butcher” came in December in the All Elite Wrestling league as part of the tag team, The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny.

Of balancing the sport with Every Time I Die, he explained:

I don’t see myself writing other music. It would break my heart to look across the stage and not see Jordan Buckley. We’re recording a record now and I have to leave every week to go wrestle. I leave those dudes and I’m like, “[sigh] I’ll see you guys, don’t kick me out, alright?” That’s how I feel every single time I leave them. Like, “I hope you guys don’t kick me out, I hope I still have a job when I come back, see you guys.” I only take a day off.

Despite Andy’s tireless work ethic, people on the Internet still accuse Every Time I Die of “selling out” — whether it be for being friends with Fall Out Boy or having Brendon Urie of Panic! At the Disco do guest vocals on “It Remembers.” Williams also emphasized how much he does not care about that:

 It’s funny because you get these trolls now on the Internet and they can say whatever they want and make up these fake stories. Now, when someone comes up to me like, “You guys were better when Last Night in Town was out,” like, “Yeah, totally man. I used to have six figures then. Now I have five. Sorry.” I go with that shit now. And it’s probably from wrestling because people will write any narrative and think they know everything and that’s how a wrestling fan is. So I just go with it.

Whether it be Every Time I Die or wrestling, Williams does not need to prove his genuine passion to anyone. He loves both, so much so that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for him to balance. Hopefully he will be able to continue both forever!

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