“Embrace” This Pulverizing New Graceless Song

Graceless, from the Netherlands, released their debut full-length, Shadowlands, in 2017… but I wasn’t familiar with them until I recently received a promo copy of their sophomore effort, Where Vultures Know Your Name*. I’m goddamn motherfucking delighted to know ’em now, though! Vultures is 46 minutes of filmic, gargantuan-sounding old school death-doom with a melodic edge. Sometimes they sound kinda like a more sensitive cousin to Entombed and Gatecreeper; sometimes they sound kinda like a more violent Insomnium, Agrimonia, or Mar de Grises; they always sound all-caps AWESOME. Thanks largely to a healthy dose of groove and top-notch songwriting, Vultures is one of those albums that, no matter aggro or barbaric it gets, somehow always remains a fun listen.

But don’t just take my word for it: listen to “Embrace the Rain,” the closing track from Vultures. It definitely leans more towards the melodoom side of the record, so just know that if you’re looking for some more uptempo shit, Vultures has that as well. But this track oughta be enough to hook you. It’s killer stuff.

Crank your speakers and blast “Embrace the Rain” below. Where Vultures Know My Name comes out March 27 on Raw Skull Recordz. European fans can pre-order it here. ‘Muhricans… sit tight! I’m sure some other options are coming sooner rather than later.

[embedded content]

*Yes, it probably wasn’t the best idea to give their name so similar of a title to Rivers of Nihil’s acclaimed 2018 release, Where Owls Know My Name. Both albums are great, though, so just relax, OK?

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