Earning a College Degree in Heavy Metal Is Possible! Here’s How to Do It

When it comes to heavy metal, it appears as if it doesn’t get enough academic appreciation, as opposed to classical music or jazz. However, if watching „Rock and Roll High School“ inspired your dreams of getting a degree in playing legendary hits, music production, and stage performance there is some excellent news. For nearly a decade now, various institutions of higher education promote academic programs that focus on students interested in pursuing a heavy metal degree.

In this article, we are going to let you in on what it takes to enroll in a college that provides a degree in heavy metal music.

Work hard on your skills

Not many colleges offer this type of program so sharpen your skills to get ahead of your competitors. You can always say “I’ll find someone to do my homework for me” but music requires dedication and constant training. This rule goes especially when you get to college, you can easily find homework help online for subjects such as Math or English, but your vocal abilities or guitar skills can only advance through personal effort.

Perhaps you’re a talented singer and drummer, and it feels as if you could do well both ways, however, it’s best to focus your attention on one field and give it all you have.

Find optimal University

The first item on your list should be to establish your options and create a shortlist of places that offer heavy metal-oriented courses. You should consider geo-location, tuition rate, as well as the details regarding the curriculum, fields of study, scholarship opportunities, and other information that you might require to make an informed decision and choose a college that best fits your needs.

If you feel that a certain college offers a program that draws your attention but you feel there’s more theory, essay writing, and research assignments than you’d like, consider looking for online assistance with certain tasks.

Once you figure out the University you want to apply for, it’s time for the next step on your way to becoming a metalhead graduate.

Prepare application documentation

Different schools have different rules when it comes to applying for a study course, which means you should inspect the official college website for information or contact their student service for help. Application requirements differ for domestic, foreign, and international programs, so pay attention not to make any mistakes in this regard.

Some universities require a personal statement, essay, and often a live interview or an English proficiency test. These written assignments could be a particular challenge if you’re not a native English speaker. That’s why many foreign applicants spend days thinking “I have to find someone to write my report for me” or use online proofreading tools to fix spelling errors.

Also, look around for scholarship and accommodation options at your disposal. Make sure to get all the documents you need to apply as well as to fill in all the forms properly to avoid getting turned down because you left out a field or two.

Nowadays, most Universities keep an online application form that allows students to seamlessly dispatch their documents and admission requests. Nevertheless, studies show that music facilitates writing if you’re struggling with the paperwork just play some music to boost your focus and creativity.

Interview and audition

The interview takes place on-site, although there are colleges that offer online interviews. The commission uses your application as the foundation for the entire process. You should also learn as much as you can about the institution you’re applying for.

During the audition at Berkley your music skills are tested in four categories:

  • Prepared piece by your choice
  • Sight-reading
  • Improvisation
  • Melodic and rhythmic playback

Wait for the offer

There’s usually more candidates than there’s room within the group, which is the reason why previous education and the quality of your application hold such significant value. It’s not strange that many students decide to hire a professional and pay for essay if they feel their writing skills are not suitable for such an endeavor. There are a series of online writing service providers that produce this sort of content each year.

The time it takes to receive an answer to your submission depends on numerous factors such as the elected program, the time you applied for consideration, as well as the number of overall applicants. However, make sure you check your email regularly. When you get your answer, all there is to do is accept it and prepare to get your Heavy metal degree.


We’ve seen the necessary steps to take on a Heavy Metal college degree, and it’s pretty much what you could expect with any other field of study. It stands to reason that you’ll have to demonstrate some music skills during your interview, after all, you’re pursuing a musical career. Most of all, believe in yourself, and never give up on your dreams.

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Author: Slyzza