DEFTONES‘ ABE CUNNINGHAM Is Cool With The Comeback Of Nü-Metal

You might’ve noticed that nü-metal is making a comeback in recent years. New bands like Tallah, Orthodox, and Tetrarch are making some serious waves, while festivals like Sick New World are bringing old-school fan favorites together once again. So what does Deftones drummer Abe Cunningham think about all this? Long story short, he’s just happy everyone’s having fun.

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„You like what you like,“ said Cunningham in an interview with Resurrection Fest TV. „We all like what we like, and who cares? It’s weird because in the cycle of things it seems like it’s natural [for nü-metal] to come back around this amount of years [later]. So it should come back. It’s been happening. I know there’s a lot of younger bands that are out doing their thing, and it’s supposed to be like that.

„If it was good enough to leave an impression on somebody then and it’s still be able to come back [now], maybe it’s okay, you know? It’s really just about trying to express yourself the only way you know how. If it makes you feel good, do it. If you’re not hurting anybody else, do it. Enjoy.“

When asked what the future holds for Deftones, Cunningham said he believes the band has a few more records left in them (as is evidenced by the band working on new music). He also notes that he’s very happy live music has returned and that the band is having a blast out on the road.

„I hope we can go on and continue to make some music still. I think we still have some more music in us, and we’re having a lot of fun; more fun than ever just because we’re back again. But we’re all back again. The audience, fans, musicians, the crew – it’s so necessary, man. We need that. We need this connection as humans and we need to go out in a field of people and and let it out. It’s so important.“

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The new record will be Deftones‚ first without bassist Sergio Vega, who left the band earlier this year. Vega has been replaced by Fred Sablan live, though Sablan isn’t a part of the band in any permanent capacity outside touring duties. The same goes for now-second guitarist Lance Jackman. So who knows who will end up playing on Ohms.

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