Check Out The New and Improved MetalSucks Playlist (Now on Apple Music, Too!)

A couple weeks ago, we announced that our Top Tracks playlist on Spotify was getting a facelift. The ol’ gal had become too bloated with years of songs just getting haphazardly tossed into the mix, so we trimmed it down to 20 songs with the intent of rotating out songs we felt no longer stood up to the new singles and releases in any given week. What you get as a result — we hope — is a better listening experience that actually helps you guys find some killer new tunes.

Along with our effort to force feed you new music, we’ve ported the playlist over to Apple Music since some of you people still worship at the feet of Steve Jobs. So if you rely on Apple’s streaming service, we’ve got you covered there too.

As for this week’s iteration, we’ve added some bangers from Fucked Up’s latest album One Day, Enslaved’s Forest Dweller, and “The Collector and His Construct” from …And Oceans’ As In Gardens, So In Tombs. Media’s Tool-esque track “Kimono” also made the list, along with Enforced’s “Ultra-Violence,” in case you want some killer thrash in your face.

So go ahead. Hit play, check out the tracks and follow/like/subscribe/whatever it is you do with streaming playlists so you never miss a new addition.

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