BARISHI Drops Trippy Animated Music Video For „Entombed In Gold Forever“

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Barishi are about to crush everyone with their first new album in four years Old Smoke. Should you not feel that rumble in the earth, you might want to check out their new track „Entombed in Gold Forever.“ The song comes with the added bonus of looking like an old RPG game courtesy of Joey Carlino’s animation.

“We saw some of Joey Carlino’s animation on Instagram and thought it would be cool to have him do a video for ‘Entombed in Gold Forever.’ The final product absolutely blew us away and I think captured the vibe of the song perfectly. The song itself was kicking around in various forms for a couple of years, but we were never really happy with its structure.

We had all the other songs for the record finished, but that one had some glaring issues. I had to go out to the West Coast for work last year and spent all my free time tinkering with the structure. When the song eventually came together, it felt like the final puzzle piece of the record was found. Hope you enjoy.”

Old Smoke is out April 24.

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