ANDREAS KISSER On Joining SEPULTURA In 1987: ‚The Chemistry Was Instant‘

In a recent interview with the „Metal Magdalene With Jet“ show on Metal Messiah Radio, guitarist Andreas Kisser explained how he came to join SEPULTURA in 1987 as the replacement for Jairo Guedz. Kisser’s first studio outing with SEPULTURA was the same year’s „Schizophrenia“, an album that demonstrated a marked improvement from the band’s 1986 „Morbid Visions“ debut, not only in the lead-guitar department but in songwriting and production. Kisser’s lead playing would go on to figure more prominently on ensuing SEPULTURA releases, particularly 1989’s „Beneath The Remains“ and 1991’s „Arise“, serving as the ideal complement to Max Cavalera’s rhythm guitar work. Kisser has since assumed virtually all guitar duties since Cavalera’s acrimonious 1996 split from SEPULTURA and now serves as the band’s main songwriter. Today, Kisser and bassist Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. are the only holdovers from SEPULTURA’s classic lineup. „I had a band in São Paulo [Brazil]; SEPULTURA is from Belo Horizonte,“ Andreas said (hear audio below). „It’s a different town. It’s an eight, nine-hour drive from each other. I had this band from school and we were developing a heavier sound, more influenced by KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, ‚Hell Awaits‘ SLAYER and all that stuff. But my partners, my musicians, they didn’t want to take control of their career. They had other plans. One wanted to work with his dad in a big enterprise. They were wealthy — they didn’t want to follow [music]. When I met the SEPULTURA guys, they came to São Paulo with another band, MUTILATOR; they were about to perform in my hometown. I went to see them and I met Max and Igor [Cavalera] for the first time. After a month or two, I was in Belo Horizonte, which is SEPULTURA’s hometown, just to go there for vacation, just to visit them and to see them practice. Then I played a little bit with Igor. We played some KREATOR, some SLAYER. The chemistry was instant. It was really there. A few weeks later, Jairo, their guitar player, left. And I didn’t have a band in São Paulo. They wanted a guitar player and the impression was really good that I had with SEPULTURA and them with me. So, we decided to join forces. I moved to their hometown, and ‚Schizophrenia‘ was recorded soon after.“ SEPULTURA’s latest album, „Quadra“, was released on February 7 via Nuclear Blast Records. The disc is a concept effort created at Sweden’s Fascination Street Studios with renowned producer Jens Bogren. It will be followed by a world tour starting in March. SEPULTURA comprises Kisser, Xisto Pinto Jr., singer Derrick Green and drummer Eloy Casagrande.

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Author: Slyzza