Wiki Addition: Recommended Heavy Metal Books

This thread is to serve as collection for a popular request from the community to be put into the Wiki for new and returning fans. Also this is pushing me to slightly redo the wiki as most of my jokes lead to blank videos. It was hilarious, trust me.

What Books Are Essential For Learning About Heavy Metal Both From An Entertainment Perspective As Well As An Academic Perspective?

We have our resident younf scholar /u/splodingshroom who has mentioned somewhere in passing that they would like to help with this, trust me they did, so they can either compile this or add some more recommendations.

Throughout the next coming months, I would like to tighten up the Wiki for our eventual 1 Million party. You are just helping us so what books do you have on your book shelf. It would help if you added a little blurb about what the contents of the book are.

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