Underground Buzz: Need More -Core? Listen To LIGATURE MARKS, GRAPHIC NATURE, XENOBIOTIC

I don’t know about you, but finding a new band is like a treasure hunt for me. Sure, there are a ton of highly talented bands out there already, but I love hearing the creativity new artists bring to the different sub-genres, and the new sub-genres that are born every day. Here are three I would love to see go places. Give them a listen and let us know what you think in the comments.

Ligature Marks – Metalcore – Portland, Oregon, USA

Ligature Marks is an American metal band from Portland, Oregon formed in 2017. While they are classified as metalcore, if you dig beyond the surface there are clear influences ranging from punk and hardcore to progressive to heavy metal. The range of guitar styles lay down a litany of textures that strike a balance between ruthless & unforgiving and haunting & beautiful. Fast, hard and brutal Ligature Marks is sure to live up to their name. Maybe establish a safe word before playing.

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Graphic Nature – Hardcore – Kent, England

Formerly known as Cove, Graphic Nature is a Kent-based hardcore band that has exploded onto the scene since their reinvention in 2019.  Graphic Nature is easily one of the most conviction packed outfits when it comes to performing live with their fanatic and chaotic presence. Their debut single, ‚Grit‘, was an almighty hardcore release that ripped the underground hardcore scene to pieces, much like the follow-up single, ‚Mortal Fear‘. Their new direction of the band saw them play faster and harder than their former selves ever achieved and they annihilate audiences with the explosive, spontaneous conviction of their music.

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Xenobiotic – Technical Deathcore – Perth, Australia

Australians seem to know how to tear out some decent extreme metal, and Xenobiotic is a very enjoyable listen if you’re partial to modern heavy music. A death metal air underpins everything Xenobiotic turns out, resulting in a modern deathcore that relies less on tropes and cliches of the genre. There are more blast beats than some deathcore variants and we are treated to quality riffs that flow well, rather than simply providing a heavy hitting breakdown.  Xenobiotic’s sophomore effort, Mordrake, signals that they are ready for the big leagues. It is hard to imagine that fans of other bands in the genre not rocking to XENOBIOTIC. Check out their newest video below.

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