Survey Shows What Age People Discover Their Favorite Band

You probably do this all the time. There’s plenty of great music coming out either this week or this year, and while you’re going to check it out and probably even enjoy it, you’ll also revert back to the same stuff you’ve been listening to forever. One survey now shows that you probably find your favorite band around the age of 13 and stick with ‚em.

The survey, run by TickPick, asked 1,010 people the question and determined a few things. There’s the fact that you’ll find your favorite band around age 13, that you’ll be introduced to „explicit“ music about the age of 12, and that attending concerts with your parents when you’re young helps you develop a stronger bond with them.

The chart also shows that parents into heavy metal really wants to make their kids little metal fans, and that moms are a little less alright with their kids listening to the genre.

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Author: Slyzza