Soften the Glare (Mudvayne) Post Funky New Track, “Aposematic”

When not busy pontificating on the cultural significance of “Brbr-DENG” memes, Mudvayne bassist Ryan Martinie has been working with Soften the Glare, a jazz / fusion / funk / prog band with occasional bursts of heaviness that put his penchant for tasty low end on full display. The trio, which also features guitarist Bon Lozaga and drummer Mitch Hull, put out a full-length record in 2017 and just dropped the first single from its followup, due later this year.

On “Aposematic,” which means “the advertising by an animal to potential predators that it is not worth attacking or eating” via bright colors, sharp spines or the like, the band’s approach is surprisingly light and fun for a track with such dark subject matter. Martinie’s bass pops, Lozaga’s guitar bubbles and Hull’s beats bounce, all coming together to produce some wonky but memorable riffs and grooves. Mudvayne fans may be clamoring for a reunion, but I totally understand why this is the kind of music Martinie wants to be making, and I’m completely fine with it.

Check it out below. The new album, Glint, produced by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me), comes out March 3; pre-order here.

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Author: Slyzza