Shreddit’s Album of the Week: Viper – Soldiers of Sunrise [Brazil, Power / Speed] (1987) — 35th Anniversary

Four knights of the light

Riding in the air through the clouds

And the stars of the sky

Are warning the curse to the ground

Escaping from the evil land

Bringing the war and the hate

God will look after my soul

But my sword will guard my fate

Terror and destruction

Brought by the four knights of hell

I'm prepared to win

I'm prepared to fight

Four rider beasts ride the sky

This is a discussion thread to share thoughts, memories, or first impressions of albums which have lived through the decades. Maybe one first heard this when it came out or are just hearing it now. Even though this album may not be your cup of tea, rest assured there are some really diverse classics and underrated gems on the calendar. Use this time to reacquaint yourself with classic metal records or be for certain you really do not "get" whatever record is being discussed.

Band: Viper

Album: *Soldiers of Sunrise *

Released: May 27th, 1987

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