Posehn – Grandpa Metal Review (Comedy Metal)

Brian Posehn is a Comedian known for being a fan of Heavy Metal, he released some songs on relapse before and now he made an album that was released 2 weeks ago.

I Decieded to channel my wannabe fantano and review it.

Musically the album is pretty good, Brian brings in some great guest musicians to play like Kim Thayll and Gary Holt, and overall for a comedy album i was suprised how good it sounded Musically. The Vocals that are done by the guest Vocalists are great. Brian's Vocal aren't good but they are funny and i like how he uses harsh metal Vocals for comedic purposes.

What i don't like about the album is that even tho its funny, its really stupid. And im calling it stupid because at the end of the album you Realize you heard a bunch of songs about cocks, goblin dating site and Grandpa metal. The songs are really forgetable even tho they were fun. To me an album is great if it has memorable songs and its makes you want to listen to it again and again. This is album is very much a listen once and never again. This album doenst have a real soul you can identify with, the songs are all nonsense. Well atleat it was fun nonsense.


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