MARILYN MANSON Begins Teasing New Album

Marilyn Manson originally claimed his new album would be out in 2019. While that never happened, it does seem that Manson is about to release something pretty soon.

Manson took to Instagram to post a photo captioned with „All deaf and now you hear me…“ in Latin alongside some weird hashtags. Namely #everyonewillsuffernow and #blacksabbathbornagain which might have something to do with the music, and #youhavenoideawhatiscoming which is pretty self-explanatory.

Omnes surdus es et nunc audite me… #everyonewillsuffernow #blacksabbathbornagain #antichristsuperstar #2020 #youhavenoideawhatiscoming

The new Manson album will be the first to feature bassist Juan Alderete (Racer XThe Mars Volta) and drummer Brandon Pertzborn (Ho99o9), and will also be one that was written in collaboration with singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings. It’s also worth noting that Alderete recently suffered a serious brain injury in a bike accident and is in need of some help.

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