LACUNA COIL’s CRISTINA SCABBIA Plays Down Coronavirus Impact On Her Life In Italy: ‚We Fear Nothing‘

LACUNA COIL singer Cristina Scabbia says that she is going about her „regular life“, despite the fact that Italy is struggling with the worst flare-up of coronavirus cases in Europe. Italy is now the third worst-hit country in the world after China and South Korea, with 220 cases reported and seven dead. Earlier today, Scabbia took to her social media to write: „To all the coilers around the world who are sending me messages being worried for the virus going on right now: thank you so much for worrying but at the moment we are ok and going on with regular life. The situation is not as crazy as the media want you to believe and we are not like in ‚The Walking Dead‘. Freedom of information has a price to pay, let’s hope we can mantain calm and civic sense without spreading useless fear. We fear nothing.“ Italian authorities have yet to identify „patient zero“ — the individual first infected. Several cities and towns across northern Italy were in lockdown Monday as authorities battled to contain the virus. People have been banned from leaving infected areas, and police have been ordered to fine anyone caught entering or leaving certain towns. The bulk of the cases are in the northern region of Lombardy, whose capital is Milan, which is where LACUNA COIL is based. According to Reuters, ten towns in Lombardy close to Milan, with a combined population of nearly 50,000, have been placed under effective quarantine. The February 25 concert in Milan featuring TESTAMENT, EXODUS and DEATH ANGEL was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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Author: Slyzza