How many bands did you see in Wacken 2002?

I saw great amounts of bands!! But I also saw many half-gigs (Dornenreich, Immortal, Pungent Stench, Kotipelto, UDO….). I saw much more bands than I expected, although I missed Candlemass, Criminal, Eisregen, Hollenthon or Primordial, but I ended up fucking exhausted!

I also missed Doro, which was one of my must see, but I don’t regret it (had a nice time in the camping site with the forumlers)

I’ll be back in 2003, that’s for sure!! :)

P.S. Nice to see you again, Grazo!! :)

@shizzo: I’m sorry to hear that! When I saw you in the forumband’s gig you looked quite well….

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Author: Slyzza