Ex-ABBATH Bassist MIA WALLACE: ‚The Last Three Months Have Been The Darkest And Most Painful Period Of My Life‘

Mia Wallace, bassist for TRIUMPH OF DEATH and NIRYTH, says that the last three months „have been the darkest and most painful period“ of her life. The Italian-born musician, who announced her departure from ABBATH in January, opened up about her struggles in a Facebook post, saying that recent events have left her physically and emotionally destroyed. She wrote: „It’s not easy for me to write this post. „The last three months of my life have been the darkest and most painful period of my life. „I tried to face hell trying not to crack, always holding hard in front of events which, daily, were destroying my soul and my emotions, unfortunately, also physically, by pushing up that strong Mia everyone knows. But often I failed, falling down on the floor to the dismay and despair, because these events hit me at a stage in life when I was already very fragile, and it was not easy for the people who stood by my side, it has not been easy at all. „I am now at a realization stage, that I didn’t always faced strongly the endless difficulties, often letting me go on showing a side of myself that I myself knew not. „This post born from my need to thank who, despite everything, has not given up trying to keep me alive, who, despite the hell that I was and I am living, has not gave up on me and has always been close to me, never abandon me, even now. „These terrible experiences are always destructive, but they also left a positive note: the ability to see who stayed, who, day after day, try to be close to me, without judging me or making me feel wrong, without making me feel the weight of my reactions dictated by despair, but simply making me feel that even though Mia is going through a negative phase, something good in her is still there, holding my hands and telling me that it will pass, listening to my pain, drying my tears and looking for the best way not to make me collapse. „These people are the people who love me, my family, the people to whom my gratitude and love will remain as long as I am alive, and to whom I will give all of myself, with my strenght and, unfortunately, flaws. „Thank you. „‚The imperfect‘ Mia.“ Wallace broke the news of her exit from ABBATH in a January social media post, saying that she was fired by the band’s manager in a „five-minute phone call.“ She added: „I was told not to contact anyone in the band. The explanation for this had no substance and just made more questions and confusion for me. Up until then, I had been preparing for the European tour as I had been told to do. I had to cancel other plans and get time off work for the tour, which I spent much time preparing for.“ Photo courtesy of Duke TV

It’s not easy for me to write this post. The last three months of my life have been the darkest and most painful period… Posted by Mia W. Wallace on Tuesday, February 25, 2020

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