DREAM THEATER’s John Petrucci Makes Beard Products Now

Dream Theater guitarist and man with a phenomenal beard John Petrucci recently revealed his passion for beard culture. Now he’s teamed up with Captain Fawcett for a new line of beard products called Nebula.

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Petrucci’s line include mustache wax, beard balm, and two sizes of beard oil. Take a look at some of this packaging:

All the products are available here via Captain Fawcett’s website.

As for Petrucci the guitarist, he recently told Young Guitar he’ll be experimenting with some eight string on the new Dream Theater record.

„My signature models with Ernie Ball Music Man – and it’s been 20 years with Ernie Ball Music Man, so that’s unbelievable, it’s been an incredible relationship – but they all come in a six-string and a seven-string version.

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„One of the things I’ve talked about for a while now – there have been rumors, the rumors are correct – is the developing of an eight-string model. Why not add one more string?

„So, specifically, we are going to come out with an eight-string Majesty model, and that is something that’s being developed, it’s been a project that we’ve been working on – myself and the engineers that are in Ernie Ball Music Man.

„And it should be ready in some form, even if it’s a prototype, for me to be able to use on the next Dream Theater album.

„I’m looking forward to that. It’s going to be – as all the Ernie Ball music man instruments are – it’s gonna be amazing. It will be the best, it’ll be an incredible eight-string.

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„For me, I don’t play eight-string guitar – I never really played one, so I’m looking it as an opportunity to experiment with a brand-new instrument, very much the way when I got my first seven-string was when Dream Theater was in the studio writing for the Awake album.

„And I got a seven-string, and we wrote ‚The Mirror‘ right off the bat. I’m looking for that same kind of inspiration from the eight, so I’ll treat it, the development of the guitar, from my own perspective, as a player, and I’m looking forward to that. Ernie Ball Music Man JP signature eight-string, coming sometime soon.“

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