Chat Pile Release Stephen King-Inspired Single “Cut” From Upcoming Split

After asserting rapid domination over the noise rock and sludge scenes last year with the release of their album God’s Country, Chat Pile will release a new split, Brothers in Christ, alongside fellow noise rockers Nerver, who have previously toured with Chat Pile. Grab your earplugs, because Chat Pile just dropped “Cut” from their side of the split.

On the new single, Chat Pile understand dynamics, namely “loud” and “wall of sound.” Bassist Austin Tackett gave his perspective on the writing process for Brothers in Christ.

“These tracks were written and recorded after we tracked ‘God’s Country.’ We wanted to use this release as a deliberate excuse to switch gears and fully lean into our more indie and alt-rock tendencies. Slint, Sonic Youth, Guided By Voices, and Starfish’s ‘Stellar Sonic Solutions’ were certainly on our minds at the time.”

Guitarist and vocalist Raygun Busch states that “Cut” was entirely inspired by the work of prolific horror writer Stephen King.

“‘Cut’ is an homage to the short fiction of King, particularly ‘The Man Who Loved Flowers,’ ‘Strawberry Spring’ and ‘The Jaunt.’”

Tackett also explains how the split came to be:

“We met Nerver at a warehouse show back in 2019 in Oklahoma City and hit it off immediately. They’re the biggest sweeties and their band kicks absolute ass. We’ve been talking about doing a split together since practically Day One but it took us a little time to finally get our act together and make it come to fruition. It’s Chat Pile’s hope that this union helps draw some attention to what is quickly becoming known as Braum’s Region Noise Rock, i.e. splattery bands from the Heartland, like Bighand//Bigknife, Big Water, Nerver, Abandoncy, Nightosphere, Whep and others.”

In addition to Brothers in Christ, which releases April 14, Chat Pile are in the process of working on a new album.

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