BEARTOOTH Is Working On ‚Super-Sick‘ Music For Fourth Album

BEARTOOTH bassist Oshie Bichar hs confirmed to The Sound Lab that the group is hard at work on material for its upcoming fourth studio album. „For those people who don’t know, Caleb [Shomo], our singer, is the main songwriter of the band,“ Oshie said at a stop on BEARTOOTH’s current U.K. headline tour. „He’s got a road rig set up, and he has for the past couple of tours. He’s never really written on the road for BEARTOOTH before, but he has been super in the zone with it. Something about the environment — he’s really been getting a lot of inspiration from being out here [on the road in Europe]. Especially, I think, from playing the live shows and seeing what people react to in real time, and being able to kind of translate that to what he’s writing. So, for the most part, it’s a lot of instrumental stuff — it’s a lot of working on guitar tones and riffs and stuff like that, to try to push the band forward in a direction that not a lot of bands are going.“ He continued: „I’m stoked on it. It’s sounding super sick. I can’t wait to really dive into it after the tour and get all the songs dialed in.“ Asked if the new BEARTOOTH music is shaping up to be heavier or more melodic than the band’s previous efforts, Oshie said: „It’s gonna be kind of a typical BEARTOOTH fashion, because we have the parts that are heavy and the parts that are extremely melodic, and I think what Caleb is good at is blending those two things seamlessly without it feeling bipolar. So there’s always gonna be that in the band. But I think overall what I’ve noticed is the riffs and the guitar tones are just sounding like — I’m, like, ‚Oh, I’ve never heard that before from this band or any other bands.‘ So that’s what’s gotten me the most excited. So I think when people hear it, they’re gonna be pleasantly surprised.“ On the topic of what input the other members of BEARTOOTH have on developing the music that Caleb comes up with before it is turned into actual songs, Oshie said: „I don’t wanna speak for Caleb, but we have to play the songs for two years after they’re written, so I think he values our opinion and wants to make sure that we’re stoked on it, because he knows if we’re stoked on it, then [so will be] people who like our band. Because I think internally, we are fans of our own bands. As far as I go, I’ll speak for myself and say that. So Caleb knows, for example, if I’m excited, he thinks people are gonna be excited about it.“ BEARTOOTH’s latest release was the folk- and country music-inspired „The Blackbird Session“ EP, which came out last September. The band’s third album, „Disease“, was released in September 2018 via Red Bull Records. The disc was recorded at BlackBird studio in Franklin, Tennessee with producer Nick Raskulinecz (DEFTONES, KORN, FOO FIGHTERS).

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Author: Slyzza