Questions about COVID/FESTIVAL!

Hello all,

I am sure, no one has lived under a rock lately. We all are aware of the COVID-19 (SARS-CoV 2) virus, that’s apreading all around the world.

This thread is for all questions regarding preparations around the FESTIVAL, in combination with COVID-19. It is NOT open for discussions about the virus itself. That’s too complicated amyway, as we all live in different countries, with different laws and measures.

To help you ahead, I took the liberty of copying 4 posts from another thread.

So any question, regarding Wacken Open Air and COVID are welcome here. ANY other discussion about COVID will be deleted here, unless it could be relevant for this discussion! (e.g. travel ban into the EU, due to COVID)

So far, Wacken is organising, not as if nothing happened, but as if it were to take place in August.
Nothing else so far is known.
3 Vaccines have seen the light of day so far in Europe, 2 of them within the EU. (which is of course the most important place to look at, since Germany is part of that very EU) A 3rd one is on its way.

Conspiracy theories are forbidden here! If you like those ideas, go to another platform, no space for them here. Stick to the facts, as stated by e.g. the Robert Koch Institut (, RIVM in NL (, Johns Hopkins Institute ( etc.
And furthermore, keep an eye on your own government’s website for the coronavirus! (I only know 3 of them, all in the Benelux, but you know where to look ;) )

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