AT THE GATES Streams Entire 2008 Wacken Performance

While we’re waiting for a new At The Gates record, why not enjoy the band’s 2008 performance at Wacken? This performance has previously been released as The Flames of the End, and is now streaming in full via Knotfest.

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The setlist runs as follows:

  1. Slaughter of the Soul
  2. Cold
  3. Terminal Spirit Disease
  4. Raped by the Light of Christ
  5. Under a Serpent Sun
  6. Windows
  7. World of Lies
  8. The Burning Darkness
  9. The Swarm
  10. Forever Blind
  11. Nausea
  12. The Beautiful Wound
  13. Unto Others
  14. All Life Ends
  15. Need
  16. Blinded by Fear
  17. Suicide Nation
  18. Kingdom Gone
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