Attack Attack! Tease 20 Seconds of New Aural Diarrhea

24-year-olds the world over are currently jumping for joy as they’re already embracing the imminent nostalgia connected to new music from Attack Attack!, a band they enjoyed as pre-teens.

Everyone else is ducking for cover.

After teasing a comeback earlier this week, the band has now released a 20-second snippet of new music and it… sounds like Attack Attack!. Cue the crab crouches (credit where it’s due: they definitely pioneered… something!).

Lambgoat reports that while it isn’t clear who exactly is in the lineup right now, former vocalists Caleb Shomo, Austin Carlile and Johnny Franck are definitely not involved. Neither, presumably, is this numbnuts.

The forthcoming Attack Attack! album will be their first since breaking up in 2013.

MetalSucks recently caught up with producer Tommy Tritone, who helmed the band’s 2008 breakthrough, Someday Came Suddenly. Read that very important and totally true piece of journalism right here.

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