WYTCH HAZEL Channel Their Inner GHOST With New Song „Archangel“

Wytch Hazel is arguably one of the best heavy metal bands out there right now and everyone should be listening to them. In fact, you should start with our premiere of the band’s mid-paced, catchy-as-anything new single „Archangel“. It’s so catchy that vocalist and guitarist Colin Hendra compares it to Ghost!

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„This song was born out of two things really: 1: A fascination for the band Ghost and… 2: a desire to see the correct credit given, which is rare for rock and roll, isn’t it?“ he said. „I just felt like all those Ghost songs were amazing, in a musical sense, but the stance on Lucifer either felt the wrong way round, or just the wrong person to be singing about, why that guy?“

Wytch Hazel will release III: Pentecost on November 30. Pre-orders are available here.

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