Deftones Tease New Song, “Genesis”

It’s been nearly four weeks since the release of “Ohms,” the title track from Deftones’ forthcoming album. That album’s release is now less than two weeks away, on September 25.

In other words, it’s high time for a second single from Ohms, and judging by a teaser the band put out this afternoon, that’ll happen this Friday, September 18.

In the clip, we see some footage of the band performing, obscured by a trippy black and white filter, and we hear some arpeggiated clean electric guitars and synth noises, suggesting that at least part of the track will be atmospheric, which is cool… I’ve always dug that element of the Deftones. The words “Genesis,” “Deftones” and “September 18” appear on the screen at various points throughout the video, which, well… you know.

Check out the clip below and get ready for the new song on Friday.

[embedded content]

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