[FRESH METAL]#125 Haken, Gaerea, Spirit Possession, Defeated Sanity, Primal Fear

Welcome to Fresh Metal, a roundup of new, heavy releases. You can find most albums and songs in the playlist on Spotify. Support this via Patreon and don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. Here goes Fresh Metal #125.

New albums

Haken (prog from the UK). Prog powerhouse *Haken *should've released their record a few times before this year, but thanks to corona it's late. Fashionably late. Is it enough to stir up the world of prog? I don't know, it's quite a strong year. But it's fun enough!

Valkyrie (heavy/doom from the USA). Excuse me, do you like guitars? Do you like it when they play riffs? The Adams brothers (you know Pete Adams from Baroness) and their *Valkyrie *have you covered with compelling songs that twist and turn with riff after riff.

Spirit Possession (black from the USA). Yeah it's black metal, but with the excitement of speed and trad metal. Spirit Possession's (spelled with one S less on Spotify :)) january demo was a promising flame in the dark, this debut full length is scorching.

Gaerea (black from Portugal). Another band that do a good riff. There are a few bands that do the kind no frills melody oriented black metal – like Mgla and Uada – but I like *Gaerea * because they have their riffs seeping with atmosphere.

Defeated Sanity (tech brutal death from Germany). This is death metal. I mean, if death metal is a box, Defeated Sanity fills it up into Every Fucking Corner. Technical and aggressive, immediate and deadly death metal. Yes. Deadly death metal.

There's more: Primal Fear (speed/power from Germany), Judicator (power from the USA), Bedsore (prog death from the USA), Volturyon (death from Sweden), Verval (atmoblack from the Netherlands), Keys of Orthanc (atmoblack from Canada), Night in Gales (melodeath from Germany), Mosaic (black from Germany), Ayr (black from the USA), Buried Realm (melodeath from the USA), Well of Night (black from the USA), Seventh (atmo/post black from Canada), Temple of Dread (death from Germany), Kommand (death from the USA), Stonebirds (stoner/sludge/doom from the USA) and Hath (prog blackened death from the USA – their remastered first ep with a new track).

New songs

There are new songs, advance tracks and singles out from Napalm Death (grind/death from the UK),Ulver (it's complicated, from Norway),Anneke van Giersbergen & Kamerata Zuid (prog/acoustic folk from the Netherlands), Molassess (psych rock from the Netherlands – with members of The Devil's Blood), Palehorse/Palerider (doomgaze from the USA), Batushka (black from Poland – you figure out which one), Intronaut (prog/post from the USA – a Creedence cover), Uniform (industrial/post-punk from the USA), Mercyless (death/thrash from France), Panzerfaust (black from Canada), Vous Autres (sludge/black from France), Black Crown Initiate (prog death from the USA), Year of the Knife (hardcore/metalcore from the USA), Ingested (slam/brutal/death/deathcore from the UK – featuring Kirk Windstein), and Thurisaz (atmospheric death/black from Belgium).

And I really liked this video of Sepultura with Devin Townsend.

Next week

Non-metal album of the week: Desta French – San Lazarus (I mean, you don't need me to tell you about the new Taylor Swift right?)

I’m looking forward to next week because of: Imperial Triumphant, Sepulchral Curse and Herxheim.

Also: I'm out for vacation for a few weeks. Maybe I can squeeze in a playlist update if wifi is forgiving, but I don't expect to be able to do a Fresh Metal newsletter for the time being.


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