[FRESH METAL] #119 Xibalba, Almyrkvi & The Ruins of Beverast, Paysage d’Hiver, Necrot

Welcome to Fresh Metal, where I talk a bit about new, heavy releases. You can find most albums and songs from this feature on the playlist on Spotify. You can support this via Patreon. Don't forget to sign up for the newsletter. Here goes Fresh Metal #119.

New albums

There are new albums, demo’s, splits and ep’s are out from Xibalba (death/hardcore from the USA), Behemoth (black/death from Poland), Acârash(black/doom from Norway), Lesser Glow (sludge/doom/post from the USA), a split from Almyrkvi & The Ruins of Beverast (atmoblack from Iceland & atmospheric black/doom from Germany), Grave Digger (heavy/power from Germany), Louise Lémon (death gospel from Sweden), Akolyth (black from – I believe – Belgium), Sorcerer (epic doom from Sweden), Many Blessings (experimental/noise from the USA – solo project from Primitive Man's Ethan McCarthy), Enevelde (black from Norway – new solo project from Misotheist vocalist), Starless Domain (atmospheric/ambient black from the USA), Stigmatized (death/grind from Italy), Mrs. Piss (sludge/doom/alternative from the USA – a new project from Chelsea Wolfe and drummer Jess Gowrie), Astralborne (melodeath from the USA), Decaying (death from Finland), Alestorm (folk/power from the UK), Evoker (death from Australia), a split from Valac & Nihil Invocation (raw black and black from the USA), a split from Heinous & Fluids (goregrind/death and brutal death from the USA), Witnesses (ambient/melodic doom from the USA), Basmu (black from Canada), Violent Hammer (death from Finland), Kangeheet (black from Finland), and there's a split from Midnight Odyssey, Igric & Aeon Winds (ambient black from Australia, pagan/ambient black from Slovakia and atmoblack/dark ambient from Slovakia). (I found the Midnight Odyssey track on bandcamp, but the whole thing is up on Youtube).

Plus there are two really cool compilations out. The first is from website Machine Music, with (new) tracks from Esoctrilihum, Spectral Lore, Bríi, Chrome Ghost, Decoherence, An Isolated Mind, Fawn Limbs, Emptiness and many more. Worth your time and currencies: all proceeds go to the Global Foodbanking Network.

Compilation two is from the venue Zukunft am Ostkreuz (in Berlin, Germany), raising funds for their existence with it. It features unreleased stuff from Sun Worship, Ultha, Graf Orlock, Nadja and many more.

New songs

There are new songs, singles and advance tracks out fromPaysage d'Hiver (black/ambient from Switzerland), Necrot (death from the USA), Hail Spirit Noir (prog/psych black metal from Greece), Imperial Triumphant (avantgarde tech black/death from the USA), Valkyrie (heavy/doom from the USA – with former Baroness guitarist Pete Adams), Living Gate (death from Belgium/USA), Spirit Possesion (black from the USA), Lamb of God (groove/metalcore from the USA), Soilwork (melodeath/groove from Sweden), Voidceremony (prog death/black from the USA), Carach Angren (symphonic black from the Netherlands), Ulthar (black/death from the USA), Stonebirds (stoner/sludge/doom from France), Witching (blackened sludge from the USA), Above Aurora (black/doom from Poland), Stygian Crown (doom from the USA), Cirkeln (black/doom from Sweden), Flagg (black from Finland), Hateful (tech death from Italy), Shezmu (death from Canada), Selbst (black from Chili), Ohhms (sludge/post from the UK), Worship (doom/sludge from the USA), 16 (sludge from the USA), Lindy-Fay Hella (dark folk – also of Wardruna), Vile Creature (sludge/drone/doom from Canada), Cvlt Ov the Svn (gothic from Finland) and Thyrant (melodeath/groove from Spain).


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