Guy Who Bought 150 Pieces of Dave Mustaine’s Gear is Now Selling It Off

Megadeth megaman Dave Mustaine opened his very own Reverb shop late last year featuring nearly 150 pieces of his personal gear, all battle tested and used on the band’s albums and tours. But just about everyone hoping to score a piece of history was left out in the cold… except for Keith Gannon of Essex Recording Studios, who bought every single piece of gear in one shot within minutes of the shop going live.

And now he’s selling some of them back.

“I bought these killer guitars for anyone to enjoy here at the studio!,” said Gannon after making the colossal purchase last fall. “Just get in touch if you’re in the London/Essex area and you’re more than welcome to swing by the studio and rock out on them.”

Chanhe of heart, much? Several of the guitars Gannon purchased from the Mustaine auction are now right back up on Reverb from whence they came. Essex Recording Studios’ Reverb page has 166 live listings, a handful of which are the same items auctioned off by the Megadeth frontman last November.

And the price tags on these things… hooooo boy! One custom Dean prototype is up for more than $64,000, and several guitars are listed above $25,000! Has anyone got that kind of money laying around right now when a quarter of the damn world is jobless?

I’m forced to wonder whether this was Gannon’s plan all along — buy all the gear as a PR flex for his studio, then sell them back — or if some other event like, oh, I don’t know, a pandemic, has created a need for Gannon to get some of that money back. Either way, it’s hard to imagine he successfully sells all of these right now… but hey, if you’d like to own a battle-tested Mustaine item, go browse the store here!

[via Metal Injection]

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