ELDER & KADAVAR Team Up For New Eldovar Album, Streaming Debut Single Now

Elder and Kadavar have teamed up for a new collaborative record called Eldovar – A Story Of Darkness & Light. You can check out the debut single „From Deep Within“ above, whose nearly 10-minute runtime is the perfect blend of spacey riffs and beefy stoner-esque grooves.

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Eldovar – A Story Of Darkness & Light is out December 3. Pre-orders are available here.

„We’re happy to show you all the first song from our new record with Kadavar, entitled ‚From Deep Within!'“ said Elder in a statement.

„Working on this album together was a really refreshing and new experience for us. This track in particular was the first we worked on after our initial jam sessions, fleshed out in a day, and it does a great job of capturing both bands‘ creative energy. We hope you dig it and look forward to getting this thing out there on December 3rd!

„You can preorder Eldovar now at Robotor Records and Stickman Records. North American friends! Distro is being sorted out. We will inform you which shops you can order from as soon as we have the info. Thanks for your support!“

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