VENDED, BLOODBATHER, VARIALS & More Booked For Underbelly Music Festival 2021

The inaugural edition of the Underbelly Music Festival will take place on December 19 at the Masquerade in Atlanta, GA. The festival will feature the following lineup:

  • Backslide
  • Bloodbather
  • For Your Health
  • Gideon
  • Gizmo
  • Hazing Over
  • Kaonashi
  • Kamayada+
  • L’exquisite Douleur
  • Left to Suffer
  • Moodring
  • Omerta
  • Prxjek
  • Sinizter
  • Sleep Waker
  • The Callous Daoboys
  • The Funeral Portrait
  • Varials
  • Vctms
  • Vended
  • Vincente Void
  • Wristmeetrazor

„The Underbelly represents the next wave of underground heavy music—mark my words,“ said promoter Jeff Menig. „On paper, some find the premise and lineup confusing but, make no mistake, the vibe of each artist fits perfectly together. I can’t wait to showcase what can be done when all that energy is combined. I’ve spoken with many of the more guitar-driven acts, both represented here and beyond, and an ongoing trend is that they feel more in-tune with the ferociously raw attitude of hip-hop than their more traditional ‚peers.‘

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„Hopefully The Underbelly helps pull those scenes together and really push everyone beyond the surface.”

Tickets for The Underbelly are available here.

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