GENE SIMMONS Sells Beverly Hills Mansion For $16 Million

According to TMZ, KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons has sold Los Angeles mansion for $16 million. Last fall, Simmons put the Beverly Hills house on the market for $22 million. He later relisted it for $25 million after it never sold and he reportedly invested a lot of money in making improvements. Gene bought the property back in October 1986 for $1,337,500. This past May, Simmons bought a new home just outside Las Vegas, Nevada for $8.2 million. Simmons has been very vocal about his desire to leave California for some time due to wanting a quieter lifestyle and to get away from being listed on celebrity maps or having to deal with Beverly Hills tour buses. He also said that part of the reason he and his wife listed the two-acre property in Benedict Canyon because the home had become too big for the both of them since their children had grown up. „It’s a big property, and the kids were literally raised here,“ he said about the Beverly Hills house. „Now they’ve moved on, and they both have their own homes next to each other in the Hollywood Hills. They borrow a cup of sugar and all that. They love each other and support each other like the best kids you could imagine.“ „They’ve got their own lives, and now we’ve got this big house. And if I want to talk to [my wife] Shannon, I’ve got to hit an intercom because she’s at the other end of the house,“ he continued. „It’s happy and it’s also sad. When you’re a kid and you live at home, you love your mom and dad, but at some point you’ve got to move out. It’s sad because you’re moving from home, but you’re also looking forward to the future, and we really hope the next family that lives here is going to get as much joy as we have from this place.“ Gene and Shannon were married in 2011 after dating since 1975. They have two children, Nick and Sophie. Gene, Shannon and their kids all appeared on the reality TV series „Gene Simmons Family Jewels“ from 2006 until 2012.

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