TikTok Parent Company Reportedly Working On Their Own Music Streaming Service

TikTok parent company ByteDance is reportedly working on a new music streaming service called Feilo to launch later this year. According to news site 36Kr, Feilo has been in development since 2019 and is envisioned to compete with Spotify and Apple Music in China. 36Kr further notes that request for comment to ByteDance about the existence and potential launch plans of Feilo were not answered.

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„[ByteDance] began to explore music business as early as 2019, and once launched a domestic music streaming project ‚code-named W,‘ but it ended in failure during the development process due to serious lack of copyright and vague product positioning,“ said the site.

„The project was initially positioned as a music player, but due to insufficient music copyrights, it was later transformed into a music community product, and due to the narrow product positioning, it was tried internally for about one year and then terminated in 2020.“

Bytedance previously launched a music streaming service called Resso in India in March 2020.

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