GAAHLS WYRD Drops Atmospheric New Single „The Humming Mountain“

Gaahls WYRD, the band featuring ex-Gorgoroth vocalist Gaahl, is now streaming their atmospheric new single „The Humming Mountain“. The song is off a mini-album of the same name due out November 5, which Gaahl specifically refers to as a „mini-album.“

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„I like the concept of a mini-album instead of an EP,“ said Gaahl. „I like the format of a mini-album. Back in the day, bands like Hellhammer and Celtic Frost used this format. The audience gets more from this format. To me, it’s more serious than if it’s just a few tracks. Plus, the concept of The Humming Mountain isn’t big enough for a full-length album. The concept was something I had to get out of my head.“

Gaahl also notes that The Humming Mountain is a real place called Gnolloden near the Svalbard archipelago, but has no relation to the mini-album’s title or contents. Pre-orders for The Humming Mountain are available here.

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