Nita Strauss got to take Jason Becker’s legendary „Numbers“ prototype guitar out for a spin during an Alice Cooper show on September 21. Strauss said the experience was basically magical, and you can check out some footage of the performance below.

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The prototype Strauss got to play was the initial prototype Peavy made for Becker in the 90s. Peavy would later go on to produce a similar guitar.

„It’s taken me 12 hours to find the words 🖤🙏🏻

„What an incredible honor and a privilege it was to get to play @jasonbeckerofficial’s original Numbers guitar on stage for a song last night 😭🙏🏻

„This guitar truly has Jason’s magic in it… I felt like I couldn’t miss a note if I tried!!! I was in tears walking off the stage thinking what that moment meant. I don’t know when that guitar was last used on stage!! But I am so grateful to have had this opportunity!!

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„Jason told Josh and I years ago that he wanted his guitars to continue being played. At the time I was struck by how unselfish that thought was- there was no sense of bitterness, just that same joy and love of guitar that we all associate with Jason and his playing.

„Now that I’ve played it a couple times- I get it. I do.

„I hope I did it justice last night ❤️

„Thank you to Benny @the_neurotic_guitarist for making this happen.

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„Photo by @judyhwon, video by @yourlivingdeadgurl“

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